Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Centennial IPA

This is one of the best all-grain IPA recipes you can use.  Magnum as the primary bittering hop gives a soft bitterness that won't overpower, even with the high IBUs.  The Centennial is the star here, providing a dominant grapefruit flavor that works well with the light malts.  

Grain - 
15 lbs 2row
1lb Munich 20SRM
1.5lb crystal 20

Hops - 
1oz Magnum 60 mins
1oz centennial 30mins
1oz centennial 15 mins
1oz centennial 10 mins
2oz centennial 5 mins
1oz centennial 1 min

Yeast - 
Safale US-05 or Wyeast 1056

Assume 70% efficiency with this recipe and you will end up with an ABV% right in the middle of the target for an IIPA, 8.7%.  

You can download the Beersmith Recipe File.  This is a great way to put in the exact alpha acid % for your hops, and tweak the recipe for the efficiency of your system.


  1. Can you provide the Beersmith recipe file? I'd like to try ratcheting it down to a standard IPA. I grow Centennial, and I'd like to try this--but I don't know that I can havrest quite enough off of my bines to get 6 oz dry (which would be something like 24-30 oz fresh, IIRC).

    1. I added a link to the beersmith file in the post. I never even thought of putting those online for people to download. Thanks for the idea.

      Here is the direct link -

      I'm quite jealous that you even have that much home grown Centennial. Let me know how the beer turns out once you brew it.