Saturday, July 31, 2010

Planning a Barleywine-style Braggot

With my current Barleywine nearing empty status I've realized that it is about time to rebrew another strong brew. I kegged the last Barleywine, and this time I think I'll be bottling. It takes way too long for a keg of 11% beer to empty!

In my planning for this brew I think my plan is as follows...

- brew 5.5 gallons of a strong (1.1+ OG) barleywine
- put 3gallons in by itself in a 3gallon carboy and add some holiday spicing for xmas
- start fermenting the other 2.5 gallons in a full size carboy with an ale yeast that can take high alc%
- at the height of ferment add 2.5 gallons of honey/water with an OG around 1.15 or so.
- oak the crap out of it and give it some time to develop in bottles.

I still have to put the actual recipe together but i think I'm going to go with one very similar to the current barleywine I have on tap, as it has gotten good reviews from multiple people.