Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planning a Blackberry Ale

I have had a few pounds of fresh picked blackberries in my freezer for about 9 months, and since it will be blackberry season again soon, I figure now is the time to try an experimental batch of blackberry ale.

I'm planning on starting with a base of a Blonde Ale, fermenting it out, and then racking it onto the pureed blackberries. The base beer will be on the lower end of both the alcohol and bitterness scale for this style. This will be a 3 gallon batch.

4lbs 2-row Pale Malt
12oz Cara-Pils
.25oz Centennial Hops - 60 min boil
3lbs Blackberries

OG (before blackberries) - 1.040
IBUs - 17.9
SRM (before blackberries) - 3.3

I'm thinking I will use S-05 dry yeast with this one, which should keep the aromas from the fermentation down, and allow the blackberries to shine through.

If this batch turns out well, I will scale this up for blackberry season and make 5 gallons to keep on tap.