Saturday, May 23, 2015

I had a beer tonight, 3/10...would not drink again. A review.

After a long day, birthday party for a 1-year old, I decided to try an IPA I had in my fridge.  I've been thinking a lot lately about IPAs, and what I like about them, so tasting a new IPA seemed like a good idea. It has been a while since I've tried a totally new beer, meaning both new brewery and beer.  The beer proclaimed that it was hopped with CTZ, Magnum, Ella, and Citra.  I thought this could be good, as I enjoy the smooth bitterness of a Magnum-hopped IPA.

Hopes dashed.  This beer had an aggressive hop profile, piney and in your face.  Exactly what I had recently realized is what turns me off to some IPAs and Pale Ales.  I wish I knew how the aroma was... but stuffed nose.

There was nothing positive that stood out about it.  The grain seems like it would be the standard 2-row with a dash of c20 thrown in for color.  It was a light IPA, even with the slight haze.  Maybe very slightly darker than a Ruination 1.0.  Very hazy though, which I believe may have affected my perception negatively.

All told, I had about 6 oz and then dumped it.  Wasn't worth finishing.