Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caramel Cider

Last Fall I made 10 gallons of cider which just ran out (good job mel) and needed to brew up another batch.

My goals with this batch were to give it a sweeter undertone, and a bit of spice to it. That led to me using a darker grain for steeping, and adding some cinnamon and dried ginger to the boil.

0.5 lbs c120
2 lbs Amber DME

0.5 oz Fuggles 30 mins

Apple Juice-
3 gallons Treetop 3 apple blend (not from concentrate)
1 gallon Honey Crisp unfiltered juice ( i believe this was a blend also)

1 stick cinnamon added during steeping
1 tsp cracked/dried ginger added with 10 minutes left in the boil.

Wyeast Kolsch yeast

Cooked up the DME and steeped grains for 30 mins with the hops. This should add some nice body to the cider, and definitley had some great caramel smell.

I ended up using a Kolsch yeast for this instead of the English Ale yeast I've used in the past since the lhbs ended up being out of my normal yeast.

I have a feeling that the spice will be a little less potent than i want, and I'm already planning how to add more cinnamon flavor likely at kegging.

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  1. Who knew i'd tap the keg! There's a first time for everything!