Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update - Barleywine

Today marked one month since I brewed my Barleywine, and it was time for it to make the move from primary to secondary.

I decided to add a little extra flavor to the Barleywine in the form of 2oz of medium oak chips that have been soaking in Jack Daniels for a week, and 1oz of Centennial hops (pellets). I'm planning on letting it sit like this for another 2 weeks, and then bottling. After bottling, I'll let it sit as long as I can make myself wait. Hopefully I'll have a nice pipeline by then to keep me from being impatient.

Had another sample, and this time I could taste a little more of the alcohol overtones, although not nearly as much as many commercial Barleywines. There was a slight fruit aroma, although I couldn't quite place what it was.

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