Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buckwheat Cyser

I've been wanting to make a Cyser for a while, and finally picked up my honey this weekend. I decided that since honey was going to be there in just a smallish amount I'd get something that packed a punch. With the two honeys I chose, I think this cyser will have a nice dark color, something I like when drinking ciders.

Honey #1 - Buckwheat
This honey has a dark amber color, and a very flowery flavor. This was not nearly as harsh as I had read abut online, and seems like it should make a good addition to a mead in the future.

Honey #2 - Mountain Wildflower
When I asked for this, the guy first made me taste a sample because it is so molasses like. This honey is near-black, and has a strong plummy/bitter flavor that stays with you for a while. This is good honey, but only for small additions.

SG 1.084
5 gallons Treetop 3 Apple Blend (not from concentrate)
5.75 lbs Buckwheat Honey
.25 Mountain Wildflower Honey
Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast

I may try to oak this in a couple months. If it gets down to 1.000 I'll be looking at much for the 9% I wanted lol.